Stella by Jose Garces


Can our wedding guests stay at the Inn? Do you offer special rates for wedding parties?

The Ghost Light Inn has 12 rooms that we typically set aside exclusively for wedding guests. We offer every wedding couple the opportunity to place a room block at the Inn for their guests for the night of their wedding. In addition, we have a sister inn The Carriage House– which has another 3 riverfront rooms just a few doors down from Stella.

To block rooms, you will need to contact Concierge directly by phone or email at: 267-740-7131 or at ghostlightinn.reservations@ghostlightinn.com. Stella cannot guarantee any or all rooms will be available at the Ghost Light Inn or the Carriage House for your guests. Rooms are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Can we book rooms for more than 1 night at the Ghost Light Inn?

If there is another wedding the day before or after your own, they have the right of first refusal on all rooms. Just as we reserve that right for you and your guests. If they do not wish to book rooms at the Ghost Light Inn, then you are welcome to reserve them after they have been released or we’ve been notified in writing by the other party that they do not wish to reserve the Inn. We cannot guarantee rooms for more than one night at the Inn for your guests, but we will do our best to help you arrange for the accommodations you need.

Do you have a minimum requirement of guests for events at Stella by Jose Garces?

We do have a minimum number of required guests for weekend events at Stella, which varies depending on the time of year. Our sales team will be happy to talk through the different options and go over guest minimums during your tour and first consultation at Stella.

Can we hold our wedding ceremony at Stella?

Yes. We have a number of different options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. There are additional fees associated with the ceremony which varies depending on where and what the ceremony will be. Stella is the only wedding venue in New Hope that can host wedding ceremonies outside overlooking the river and Bucks County Playhouse!

What type of cuisine is available at Stella by Jose Garces?

Stella is inspired by local ingredients from the region’s best farmers and artisans, award-winning chef Jose Garces adds his culinary twist to American classics. Guests can expect a selection of local products such as meats and poultry and seasonal produce including dishes.

Do we get to try the food before we book with Stella? When do I get to do a tasting?

You will be invited to one of our group tasting events once you reserve your date with Stella. This event consists of a sampling of our menu and beverage options and your event coordinator will send along an invitation as the dates are scheduled.

What happens after the Tasting?

After the tasting, your event coordinator will schedule a finalization meeting with you one month prior to your event. At the meeting we will confirm all details for your celebration including menu, timeline, floor plan, and linen options. Our team will ask you to have a final guest count including preferred entree selection. In addition, we will finalize details related to the ceremony, transportation, florals, decor, and entertainment.

Do I need to include entree selections on my response cards?

Yes, if you are having a plated, seated dinner - please ask your guests for their selection. Tableside ordering can be added for an additional $10 per person. In this case your guests can make their selection the evening of the wedding.

Can we do our rehearsal on site if we are having our ceremony at Stella? When can we do it?

If you are getting married at Stella, we will do everything we can to accommodate your rehearsal – but it is subject to availability and we must ensure there are no conflicts with other events. Typically, we try to schedule the rehearsal during the day or days before your wedding based upon the availability of the ceremony space. We cannot guarantee that your preferred time for the rehearsal will be available due to other events taking place on the property throughout the year. Please schedule your rehearsal time with us before you notify your guests or finalize any rehearsal dinner plans.

Can I come back with my vendor(s) (florist, photographer, etc.) before my wedding so they can see the space?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come to the property with your vendor(s) – subject to availability and scheduling. We ask that you inform us in advance of what day/time you plan on coming. This is so we can ensure there is no other event taking place at your desired time.

When can our vendors come on site to start setting up?

Vendors can begin loading in / setting up on the day of the wedding. They will have access as early as 10 am to begin their work but please note that the reception tables will not be set until after the ceremony if both events are taking place in the Ballroom. Our staff arrives 2.5 hours before the start time to begin set up. Vendors are wholly responsible for cleaning up after themselves, removing trash items from the property, and returning to collect any items they hope to keep the evening of their reception.

Can we bring in supplies to decorate the property or reception space? When can I drop off supplies at Stella?

Yes, you or your vendor is more than welcome to bring in whatever you may need to realize your vision for your wedding. You may drop off any non-perishable supplies the day before your wedding. Food products that need refrigeration or special storage may only be dropped off on the day of your wedding. Stella will not assume responsibility for the safe storage of any personal items or wedding related materials. All materials must be removed from the property the evening of the wedding or they may be thrown out or disposed.